Gloria Ferrer approached R & R with a vision to rebrand and renew their already world-renowned product by creating a multisensory establishment that paid homage to old world traditions and new world taste. Together we embarked on a multi-million dollar design overhaul to showcase their new & modernized vision. R&R successfully highlighted their company’s renowned historical past and cultural background by fusing Catalonian roots with contemporary Californian style.

Elegance and functionality were melded together throughout the design of the tasting room and outdoor patio to create a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. Floor-to-ceiling windows were installed to allow more natural light and cultivate a spacious atmosphere, while highlighting the stunning views of the rolling vineyards. To modernize the space, R & R added a sleek, marble tasting bar and increased overall seating with functionality in mind for easy storing purposes. Custom-made, ceramic tables tops and clean-lined crafted chairs were both functional and embraced traditional Catalan design.

For private events, custom design tables and chairs were created for easy breakdown and storage purposes, as well as, quick setup in all rooms and patios.

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