charles woodson


Rick Ruiz, Charles Woodson’s partner, approached R&R after seeing a previous project we had done in the valley.  Their team had a vision of creating a tasting room for their portfolio of wines that not only would be unique in its approach but would also be versatile. Their concept was to take over a relatively anonymous site in the crush district of Napa and turn it into their first brick and mortar full client experience.

This space would serve as a family and fans destination for the client experience, but also have the flexibility to move from day to night seamlessly.  Their brand consisted of 24 wines, and we wanted to translate those wines into a tactile experience that was an extension of what was already started.  Charles Woodson brings his NFL celebrity and personal elegance into the wines.  This space needed to, all at once, accommodate adults, small parties, family and large corporate events. This wasn’t going to be another standard Napa Valley tasting room. Throughout, the showcased memorabilia give an exciting view into the life and celebrity behind the wine.  An event to visit, and so comfortable you will want to stay a while.

The special red glass light fixtures give the space a sultry ambiance.  The heavy curtains in the foyer allow for ample daylight or can be drawn back for a more intimate experience.  Our Clients wanted a unique shape bar to allow for conversation corners.  The office was needed for meetings or private tastings.  The back room was designed with the idea that it could be used for private events or for personal use by the winemakers